Anna is a published author, journalist for several news sites and a poet. She truly loves to write and readers really like to read what she writes.

Anna is a daughter, sister, mother and grandmother. She loves to read and write and to create books that tell a story and share a message.

This book, Annie Goes to Catholic School, is partly true. Anna definitely attended grade school at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.  This is the same school where her mother attended school after moving to the country from Baltimore City.

“Annie” as portrayed in this book is a very accurate composite of the author – from being short with short hair to loving school.  She was like sponge in school soaking up all the knowledge she could!

The writer has also chosen to include her favorite play time activities such as hopscotch and jumping rope along with bike riding. She also enjoyed playing cards and a game called “Pick-up Sticks,” which required concentration and a steady hand.

Annie Goes to Catholic School


The book was written and published as a fundraising project for Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Schools in Essex (east Baltimore County) where the author attended school for grades 1 – 9 before switching to a public school. This project is a small effort to raise funds as a pay-back for the wonderful education received while at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel where the author has served on the school’s advisory board. All profits will be donated to a scholarship fund at the school.

While the book is about a girl going to Catholic school and it is a fundraiser for Catholic education, it is appropriate for all students preparing to go off to school for the first time, especially little girls.

It is an easy read for children and adults. Hopefully it will make you smile and perhaps even laugh out loud a time or two. Perhaps there are some things in the book that will tug at your heartstrings too!