Renault also loves to write poetry and has written many poems over the past several decades. She is now sharing those with her loyal followers… “Mothers: A Collection of Poems” has been published. “Celebrating Parenthood: A Collection of Poems” will soon be released.


Mothers: A Poetry Collection

A book of poems with pages inserted for children to write some of their own experiences as a keepsake for their mom.

My Angel Is Heaven Sent

My Angel is Heaven Sent

A book written by a child with a guardian angel who realizes her guardian angel is her best friend. She likes to write poems about her angel.

Daily Dose of Divine Inspirations for Mothers

Daily Dose of Divine Inspirations for Mothers

It will help you become encouraged, equipped and empowered to be the best mother possible. With this tool of encouragement, equipping and empowerment, there’s nothing that will be impossible for you! Come take this 90 day journey with us. It will truly help to inspire you!

Anna Renault signing books

Anna loved doing book signings at stores & events.

She enjoyed talking to her readers and helped them pick out books from her extensive collection that matched their interests. She also encouraged others to find their voice, write their own stories and to also become a published author.