Francine, the Butterfly Series

This series is written for beginner readers, geared toward k-1-2 grade levels.

Meet Francine and Her Friends

Meet Francine and Her Friends

(Volume 1) – Francine takes an afternoon hike to introduce some of her friends… some domestic animals like a cat, dog and squirrel but also some forest friends like a Buck, Doe and Fawn. Want to come along and meet these friends?

Francine's First Train Trip (Francine, the Butterfly) (Volume 2)

Francine’s First Train Trip

(Volume 2) – Francine, the Butterfly, enjoys sharing her exciting trip with readers. Going around the United States by train was definitely a beautiful trip – seeing a lot and having fun. Join the fun by reading what Granny Annie and Francine did, where they went and what they saw!

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