Christian Authors on Tour (CAOT) TV Show #1 – July 6, 2018

Featured Author: Anna Renault

The Christian Authors on Tour (CAOT) TV Show airs LIVE Fridays at 9:30 a.m. (EST) on the WBGR Gospel Network. Each episode features a different Christian author (fiction & non-fiction) on FIRE for GOD and committed to using writing as a tool for Christian ministry. This inaugural episode of the CAOT TV Show aired July 6, 2018 and featured Christian author and cancer warrior, Anna Renault. Pastor Kevin Wayne Johnson and Lynn Pinder were the co-hosts. Visit for more information regarding Christian Authors on Tour (CAOT). 

A Story of Living Life to the Fullest with Terminal Cancer

“My goal during the trip was to overcome disability resulting from cancer and to see places I had never been…to see America in all its beauty, especially as it progressed through the color changes of fall.”

 Anna Renault, Public Speaker

Let’s Coach with Mark & Carolyn

December 2014

An Amazing Journey…Imagine being told you have cancer but then being told seven, not one, but seven additional times, the cancers back. Not only did you face several diagnosis of cancer, you are struck by lightning and in a tragic car accident. This story, may not seem true, but it is. It the true story of Anna Renault, Anna’s Journey. Most people would want to just scream, give up and stay in a place of self-pity and despair but Anna did not do that. For each event that she was faced with, she stood by her faith in God and had a strong, positive attitude. She has been a blessing to many, both adults and children, by sharing her story in her book “Anna’s Journey: How many lives does one person get?”, writing a book series about a butterfly named Mitzy and many other books. Join us as we speak with our special guest, Anna Renault, and learn how even through many tragedies you can have a life well lived…

Anna Renault interview by David Wren about MD Colabs

June 14, 2014

Anna’s Journey Radio Show

May 20, 2014

Photographed by Gene Rosenburg. MD COLABS interview with David Wren on Anna’s Journey.

Bowie Chamber of Commerce

June 18, 2013

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March 8, 2011

The write stuff!

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ACS Prevention Study

July 10, 2012


Anna Renault has battled cancer eight times since 1977 and is dedicated to finding out why.

“I firmly believe there is an answer, and cancer won’t go away until we have an answer,” she told 11 News.

The first cancer prevention study in the 1950s conclusively linked smoking with lung cancer, health officials said. Cancer survivors like Renault said research is the only way a cure might be found, and volunteering is one easy way to help.

“Anybody who has ever been touched by cancer — and that’s pretty much everybody — they need to get them to answer this survey so that we have more information and we can fight the battle,” Renault said. “It can save lives. It really can make a difference.”

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