August 26, 2017

Striving and Thriving with Metastatic Breast Cancer

Now, I strive to thrive living with a new diagnosis of Metastatic Breast Cancer.
August 17, 2017

Cancer is not always a death sentence

Yes, sadly many patients do still die from cancer. Some die quickly – not even realizing they had cancer, thus going without treatment.
July 10, 2017

Melanoma Skin Cancer Still a Deadly Problem

Too many young women are developing the deadliest form of cancer. The Mayo Clinic looked at skin cancer rates among women under 40 in Minnesota. They found that between 1970 and 2009, melanoma rates increased eight times over.
July 10, 2017

Cancer Support Foundation Works to Help Maryland Cancer Community

Cindy Carter is a cancer community advocate.  She works diligently to meet the needs of the patient, their families and their caregivers.