February 16, 1950 ~ August 1, 2018

Anna Renault survived multiple cancers. Her first cancer was in 1977.

She also survived a few other brushes with death including a lightning strike experience, a fatal crash and other scenarios! Having faith in God to help her through whatever she was led to, and it helped to keep her attitude positive. Anna shared her story in her autobiographical books.

Anna was a daughter, sister, mother and grandmother. She retired from the MD State Dept of Education’s Division of Rehabilitation Services; worked and volunteered for the Baltimore County Public Library and substituted for teachers in Baltimore County Public Schools.

She stayed busy writing weekly editorials for “The Avenue News” local paper. She also did freelance writing for other publications.

She was also a paid public speaker—allowing her to share her journey, her love for the environment and other special interests near and dear to her heart. The “Anna’s Journey” internet radio show helped her to raise awareness on a wide variety of issues.

Sadly, Anna’s journey in this world ended on August 1, 2018.

Anna Renault used to ask “How many lives does one person get?” In honor of her legacy, the question is now “How many lives does one person touch?”

Anna Renault signing books

Anna loved doing book signings at stores & events.

She enjoyed talking to her readers and helped them pick out books from her extensive collection that matched their interests. She also encouraged others to find their voice,  write their own stories and to also become a published author.