Anna’s Journey Series

Anna's Journey: How Many Lives Does One Person Get? Am I Accident Prone?

Mitzy the Butterfly Series

Meet Mitzy the Butterfly Mitzy, the Butterfly: What's in your backyard? (Volume 2)
Mitzy, the Butterfly: Look at trees! (Volume 3) Mitzy the Butterfly: A "Reuse" Adventure
Mitzy the Butterfly Visits Back River Trash Boom

Cancer Series

Why did cancer turn my life upside down? Why Did My Dad Get Cancer?

Photo Anthology Series

This House The Necklace
Verses from the Heart The Waterfall
Evidence of Autumn The Cabin
The Church Tales The Yellow Rose

Catholic School Series

Annie Goes to Catholic School Ozzie Goes to Catholic School


My Angel Is Heaven Sent Mothers: A Collection of Poems
Daily Dose of Divine Inspirations for Mothers (Daily Dose Series)

More Books

Competition Journal

The Radio Show

A variety of topics will be covered, interviewing guests locally and across the county --- 2014 will feature exciting new shows about cancer, the environment, networking, entrepreneurs, and special broadcasts with special guests Book authors, doctors, small business entrepreneurs, and so much more!