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Autobiographical Series

As an avid cancer advocate, Renault also released an autobiographical book in 2011, detailing her multiple bouts of cancer as well as many other “could have been deadly” experiences in her life starting at age 14! “Anna’s Journey: How many lives does one person get?” has just gone into reprint.

Anna's Journey: How Many Lives Does One Person Get? Am I Accident Prone?

Anna’s Journey: How many lives does one person get?
Anna is an eight time cancer survivor but she’s also had other deadly experiences like a fatal car crash. Yet, this resilient woman has led an amazing life.

Anna’s Journey: Am I Accident Prone?
How many childhood accidents are considered normal? How many injuries are run-of-the-mill incidents that everyone has? How many kids get a fishhook caught in their eyelid? Who gets knocked on the head with a claw hammer? Anyone have a run-in with the wringers on an old-fashioned washing machine?

My 40 Year Dance with Cancer
An amazing life with multiple bouts of cancer, Anna Renault describes some of what she experienced and what she has learned through one battle after another over the past 40 years.

MITZY, the Butterfly Series

This series is written on a 4th-5th grade level to raise environmental awareness.

Anna Renault is, at heart, an environmentalist. Through her fictional friend, Mitzy the Butterfly, Renault is sharing stories about the environment, especially about some of the problems that our youth should know about and for which they can learn how to find the solutions.

Renault has written “Meet Mitzy, the Butterfly: The Environmentalist” as the first in a series of books to encourage children to learn and care for their environment. “Mitzy, the Butterfly: What’s in your backyard?”(book two) is also out. More MITZY books will soon hit the shelves!

Meet Mitzy the Butterfly Mitzy, the Butterfly: What's in your backyard? (Volume 2)
Mitzy, the Butterfly: Look at trees! (Volume 3) Mitzy the Butterfly: A "Reuse" Adventure
Mitzy the Butterfly Visits Back River Trash Boom

Meet Mitzy, the Butterfly: An Environmentalist
Mitzy, a fictional butterfly, introduces information about butterflies, rain gardens and edible garden. She also mentions rain barrels. Would you like to meet Mitzy and learn what’s in her yard?

Mitzy, the Butterfly: What’s in your backyard?
Written for children, but finding an adult audience too, Mitzy what’s readers to look at your immediate environment. What’s there? What’s good? What’s not? Is there anything you can do about it? Will you come along, make a journal and improve your environment?

Mitzy, the Butterfly: Look at the Trees
Mitzy introduces readers to her neighborhood and many of the different types of trees. She adds a bit about why they are so very good for the environment and how they are used in our everyday lives. Did you know that not all trees are green?

Mitzy, the Butterfly: A REUSE Adventure
Mitzy gets to visit a second-hand store and learns a lot about reusing items rather than throwing them into the landfills as trash. Want to come along to see what see finds at the store?

Mitzy, the Butterfly: Visits the Back River Trash Boom
Advocating for clean water and clean, safe waterways, Mitzy visits Back River to see the awesome job the Back River Restoration Committee (BRRC) is doing to improve the water quality and safety of the river as well as the Chesapeake Bay into which the river flows. This book is a fundraising effort for the BRRC non-profit to help support their efforts.

Mitzy, the Butterfly: Mitzy hosts a family reunion
Just in time for a holiday celebration on the 4th of July, Mitzy decides to host a family reunion.  COMING SOON in June 2017… Come meet some of Mitzy’s family!

BE WATCHING FOR MORE MITZY BOOKS as Mitzy’s adventures expand around the United States.

FRANCINE, the Butterfly Series

This series is written for beginner readers, geared toward k-1-2 grade levels.

Meet Francine and Her Friends
Francine takes an afternoon hike to introduce some of her friends… some domestic animals like a cat, dog and squirrel but also some forest friends like a Buck, Doe and Fawn. Want to come along and meet these friends?

Cancer Series

Anna Renault is supporting the Cancer Support Foundation with her recently released book: “WHY DID MY DAD GET CANCER?” The book is for children and adults to open a conversation about how and why a parent is seriously ill, especially with something like cancer! This is a fundraising project for the CSF!

Why did cancer turn my life upside down? Why Did My Dad Get Cancer?

Why did cancer turn my life upside down?
Written from a child’s view of a family in crisis when a parent gets cancer… electric gets turned off… family gets evicted… living in a homeless shelter… the side of cancer people don’t recognize!

Why did my dad get cancer?
Written from a child’s view of what is happening in the house when a parent gets cancer and the never-ending questions of why? This book addresses some issues that rarely get recognized when cancer comes for a visit.

Catholic School Series

Annie Goes to Catholic School Ozzie Goes to Catholic School

Annie Goes to Catholic School
A cute story of a six-year going to a Catholic school while her friends in the neighborhood attend the local public school… some differences she sees – the good and the bad.

Little Ozzie Goes to School: Bullying Confronted (New Edition!)
A story of a young boy in first grade who has a bully in the class… the who, why and uh-oh!


Renault also loves to write poetry and has written many poems over the past several decades. She is now sharing those with her loyal followers… “Mothers: A Collection of Poems” has been published. “Celebrating Parenthood: A Collection of Poems” will soon be released.

My Angel Is Heaven Sent Mothers: A Collection of Poems
Daily Dose of Divine Inspirations for Mothers (Daily Dose Series)

Mothers: A Poetry Collection
A book of poems with pages inserted for children to write some of their own experiences as a keepsake for their mom.

My Angel is Heaven Sent
A book written by a child with a guardian angel who realizes her guardian angel is her best friend. She likes to write poems about her angel.

Daily Dose of Divine Inspirations for Mothers
It will help you become encouraged, equipped and empowered to be the best mother possible. With this tool of encouragement, equipping and empowerment, there’s nothing that will be impossible for you! Come take this 90 day journey with us. It will truly help to inspire you!

More Books

Competition Journal

My Competition Journal
After teaching baton twirling and cheerleading, Anna Renault saw how important getting information from friends at competitions was to the students. She developed this autograph booklet for her students to use at the various meets.

Mary Lou
As a Mother’s Day gift for her mom, Anna Renault wrote some poems about her mother.  Mary Lou was a daughter, sister, mother and grandmother. She was also a teacher and someone who learned to love to camp – first in a tent and then a trailer. There are a few general poems about mothers in the book too. It is available to give others a unique idea of what to give YOUR MOM who doesn’t want or need any more “things.”

Photo Anthology Series

This House The Necklace
Verses from the Heart The Waterfall
Evidence of Autumn The Cabin
The Church Tales The Yellow Rose

The Radio Show

A variety of topics will be covered, interviewing guests locally and across the county — 2014 will feature exciting new shows about cancer, the environment, networking, entrepreneurs, and special broadcasts with special guests Book authors, doctors, small business entrepreneurs, and so much more!