Children experience fear when a parent gets sick. Many times the children don’t understand the what, why and how their life keeps changing due to something called cancer!

“Why did my dad get cancer?” is a child’s story about dad getting cancer. The child tries to understand what has happened and why. Dad and mom explain some things about cancer, what happens and how doctors find it and treat it. Dad and mom explain things to help remove or reduce the fear of a parent having cancer.

This book will hopefully assist any child who has or had a sick parent — sick with cancer or any other terrible illness. The goal is to help children understand that sometimes bad things happen to good people. The book also opens the door for children to ask questions about a parent’s illness and about why things have changed… why dad can no longer play… why dad no longer goes to work… and why did dad get cancer!

This book is meant to assist children in learning how to cope with the changes and the possibilities of what is happening in their lives due to the serious illness of a parent.



Why Did My Dad Get Cancer?