Cancer Series

Anna Renault is supporting the Cancer Support Foundation with her recently released book: WHY DID MY DAD GET CANCER? The book is for children and adults to open a conversation about how and why a parent is seriously ill, especially with something like cancer! This is a fundraising project for the CSF!

Why Did Cancer Turn My Life Upside Down?

Why did cancer turn my life upside down?

Written from a child’s view of a family in crisis when a parent gets cancer… electric gets turned off… family gets evicted… living in a homeless shelter… the side of cancer people don’t recognize!

Why Did My Dad Get Cancer?

Why did my dad get cancer?

Written from a child’s view of what is happening in the house when a parent gets cancer and the never-ending questions of why? This book addresses some issues that rarely get recognized when cancer comes for a visit.

Anna Renault signing books

Anna is available for book signings in your store or event.

To book your date for signings or obtain copies to sell in a store, contact Anna directly for available dates, costs and copies.