Anna Renault is supporting the Cancer Support Foundation with her recently released book: WHY DID MY DAD GET CANCER? The book is for children and adults to open a conversation about how and why a parent is seriously ill, especially with something like cancer! This is a fundraising project for the CSF!

Why Did Cancer Turn My Life Upside Down?

Why did cancer turn my life upside down?

Written from a child’s view of a family in crisis when a parent gets cancer… electric gets turned off… family gets evicted… living in a homeless shelter… the side of cancer people don’t recognize!

Why Did My Dad Get Cancer?

Why did my dad get cancer?

Written from a child’s view of what is happening in the house when a parent gets cancer and the never-ending questions of why? This book addresses some issues that rarely get recognized when cancer comes for a visit.

Anna Renault signing books

Anna loved doing book signings at stores & events.

She enjoyed talking to her readers and helped them pick out books from her extensive collection that matched their interests. She also encouraged others to find their voice, write their own stories and to also become a published author.